Eco Tycoon Sim on Kickstarter Soon!

Among Ripples: Shallow is coming to Kickstarter in early 2020! Stay tuned for more updates and sign up to our newsletter on our website to get the extended demo (and of course get access to the newsletter).


Among Ripples: ShallowWaters Demo Win (64bit) 249 MB
39 days ago
Among Ripples: ShallowWaters Demo macOS 283 MB
39 days ago
Among Ripples: ShallowWaters Demo Linux (64bit) 292 MB
39 days ago

Get Among Ripples: Shallow Waters [DEMO]


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Every time I see Early <Year> now, I feel like it will never happen...
A game called King of the Hat said that it was going to release on Steam and Switch in Early 2019. Look it up and you'll find that it hasn't released yet.

Let's hope that your Early 2020 isn't another one of those!

Yep, usually dates slip, sometimes by months or years. But for us it's a matter of weeks now so stay tuned for the proper announcement. :)

Easiest way to keep track is our newsletter: