A downloadable demo prototype for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Save the Lakes

Among Ripples: Shallow Waters is an eco tycoon sim. Work with your team of scientists to build, repair and maintain the delicate ecosystem of your lakes. Experiment with flora and fauna - everything from vicious pikes to peaceful puddle ducks.

Welcome to Among Ripples: Shallow Waters, an eco tycoon sim focused on maintaining balance in lakes and rivers. The water bodies are filled with different creatures that needs your help. In the game you focus on saving nature from different hazards and problems. Our game is inspired by ecology and the people who spend time and effort to solve the problems we face today.

Demo Prototype

Download the prototype right now!  The free prototype includes around one hour of gameplay. If you sign up to our newsletter you can keep track on updates and also unlock bonus maps in the prototype! Please remember that things are bound to change in the final game, this is a proof of concept demo.

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Among Ripples: ShallowWaters Demo Win (64bit) 257 MB
Among Ripples: ShallowWaters Demo macOS 291 MB
Among Ripples: ShallowWaters Demo Linux (64bit) 300 MB

Development log


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I just saw this and downloaded it yesterday, and I'm so hype for the full release. I played the initial game roughly a year ago and it's something that I've gone back to pretty frequently, despite how limited it was in terms of features. 

I adore games like these, and I'm very excited that this concept is being taken further out. And now we have ducks!! Incredible.

One negative thing to say though, is that the pathfinding for some animals isn't very good. My crawdad frequently died of starvation despite plenty of dead critters hanging out on the floor of the pond. Fish rarely ventured beyond their breeding grounds too, meaning that some parts of the pond got insanely crowded, while others were barren. 

But overall, this has left me wanting more! I'm very much looking forward to seeing what sort of things you guys create in the future.

Happy trails! 

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, the prototype is  lacking in some areas, we're building the game from scratch now, code-wise. Stay tuned for the 18th February when the Kickstarter campaign goes live. :)

Here's another great let's play you can check out!

Seems like a good start, but who on earth thought white text on a mottled light blue background was a good idea? Many of the tooltips are unreadable!

Thanks for the feedback!


A solid prototype, great work so far. Will the player be able to place more breeding grounds in a lake? And, when is the KS coming? :)

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Thank you! We will announce the Kickstarter soon, campaign goes online mid February probably. :)