Community Module Now Live!

Here it is, the final module for Crest! Monuments, tons of skeletons & many more features, besides an overall improved experience, await you in the Community Module. The very long list of all changes, which are based on your countless feedback, can be found below.

To start off the celebrations, we got a new cinematic trailer in store for you:

Here's a list of all the new features & updates:

New Features

Remnants of the world

  • Animals & followers now leave behind skeletons when they die
  • Cities leave behind slowly degrading ruins after its last follower has died


  • Upon death the Chronicler will tell you about the world's history
  • New end screen that lets you explore the world after your legacy ended
  • Revisit past playthrough's world spirals & stories


  • A new type of building that followers will build over time to commemorate you, if they have enough materials & faith in you, which will provide an additional boost to the city's faith.


  • It's now possible to rename your cities & followers!

Event Notifications

  • A notification bar on top of the screen informs you when something has happened in the world & let's you navigate to the location it happened by clicking on it.



  • Faith interface completely overhauled with new visuals
  • Faith system reworked for more insight


  • Influence max cap now at 100
  • Influence gain now dependent on number of faithful followers


  • Tutorial updated with new visuals & improved flow
  • Now explains all mechanics properly without being (too) overwhelming


  • More events added to the spiral
  • Filter added to the spiral


  • More tips added to advisors


  • Gaining an expertise now make followers create a specific expertise building in that city
  • Expertise buildings are upgraded over time and give their city a boost to said expertise


  • Removed: Food
  • Added: Middle aged
  • Updated Verbs:
    • Destroy: now primarily uses warriors to destroy their targets
    • Consume: has been tweaked to not as easily lead to cannibalism
    • Don't: verbs have been tweaked to have a stronger impact on your followers
    • Explore: has been tweaked to affect to word discovery rate


  • Each season now has a unique look


  • Hippos have been nerfed and shouldn't win fights with followers as easily anymore

Commandment Tablet

  • Sorting & filtering of commandments now possible


  • Updated UI to better display city relationships
  • Balances made to city trading
  • Balances made to city warfare
  • Updates made to city relationships

Loading Screen

  • Loading screen now has an animated progress bar
  • Displays helpful tips while generating the world


  • The camera has been updated and is now a lot smoother to control


  • Many new sound effects
  • New background songs
  • Added ambience sounds to each biome

That should cover most of it, left aside the countless performance improvements & bug fixes. We hope you'll enjoy the update and are happy with the choices we made. Let us know if you encounter any bugs or have feedback in the comments or write us on discord.

Thank you all for your support & have fun playing! 

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