Price Drop & Start of The Inner Circle

Price Drop

Almost two weeks ago we raised the price of Crest to $14,99, which had been our vision of the final price since we launched in Early Access but the landscape has changed since then. We realized that for our type of game and the state it is currently in, this price is not viable. We've crunched the numbers again and decided to reduce the price of Crest permanently to $9.99, which will stay the same when the game leaves Early Access. 

We apologize for this heavy drop to the few people who bought the game at $14.99. Should you be one of those and played Crest for less than two hours, you can still refund the game. Regardless of your decision, we're very thankful for your support. 

Join The Inner Circle

To speed up balancing, we're looking for active and outspoken members of our community to join the secretive Inner Circle. This is a private channel we created on our discord server that will grant you:

  • Access to our Dev Build with all the new features & weekly updates
  • Your name in the credits
  • Direct communication with us
  • Free Soundtrack & Art Book DLC

To become a part of it, you have to join our discord server and after we got to know you a little, you'll be granted access to the chamber of secrets where all the sweet rewards await you.

Join the Inner Circle

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