Patch v0.52 Online!

The crashes should be fixed! Like mentioned in our latest Dev Blog, it was caused by a bug in Unity and it took us over a week to find that out but a lot of other issues got fixed as well during that journey. 

We've also re-enabled saves for now. They are not 100% stable but if you do not do anything after clicking Save & Quite, it should return to the menu. If Windows should show that the program is not responding, ignore the message and wait a bit longer. As long as there is no popup that saving failed, the games is working in the background

Here's the full list of all the changes:

  • Downgraded Unity to fix the crash that always happened after a couple of minutes.
  • Fixed memory leak in our memory pooling system. There should no longer be any problems starting another game without first exiting the game.
  • Migrate commandments should now be able to properly target animals.
  • Re-enabled saves.
  • Audio volume options should now load correctly.
  • Farm remnants are now properly removed.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

Please let us know if the game is still crashing for you (outside of saving).


Windows 32-bit 271 MB
Version 0.52 Feb 12, 2018
OS X 306 MB
Version 0.52 Feb 12, 2018
Linux 311 MB
Version 0.52 Feb 12, 2018

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